We accept several insurance plans and collect co-pays or co-insurance as indicated by your insurance company.  We also collect GET of 4.16% as permitted in State Law.  Please note that we do not accept Medicaid/Quest or Medicare. Dr. Gladding is not allowed to see VA patients outside of the VA. If you are a Veteran, please talk with your local CBOC/current provider.

Initial appointments are scheduled for one hour and follow-up appointments vary from 20-60 minutes depending on the situation.

For patients wishing to pay out of pocket, our professional fee is $300/hour. All fees are prorated based on the $300/hour base rate (except court appearances as the entire day of patients has to be cancelled).

  • Initial/60 minute appointment:  $300
  • 20 minute follow-up:  $100
  • 30 minute follow-up:  $150
  • 40 minute follow-up:  $200
  • Court/subpoenas:  $2400 per day (not prorated)

Payment Policy:  We will collect any co-pays or fees at the time of service if it is clear from your insurance company what the charges should be. Otherwise, we will bill you when the charges are confirmed by your insurance company (for co-pays and co-insurance).  If you have any balances on your account and have not paid them, we will collect that money at the time of your next appointment.

Cancellation/No Show Policy:  We request 48 hours notice for any cancellations so that we can offer the appointment time to another person. If you cancel/no show with less than 24 hours 3+ times, we will need to assess whether you are being well served by the practice and/or whether a referral to another provider would be appropriate.

GET/Sales Tax:  Please note that we collect Hawaii GET on all services, including co-pays at 4.16%.