Limited Hours

We are only in the office on Mondays and Fridays in Wailuku and Saturdays in Kihei.   Other hours (including potential Lahaina appointments) sometimes can be arranged.

The most efficient way to reach us is via the Patient Portal as we check those messages regularly.

Please allow up to 72 hours for return phone calls, as we are not in the office every day.  This time frame also applies to refill requests.

To provide more responsive service, we have consciously limited the number of active patients so that we have the ability to see you when you need it.

Given that our practice is part time and Dr. Gladding is off island intermittently for conferences and trainings, our focus in the private practice is primarily on anxiety and depression.

Patients with intermittent/chronic suicidality, self-harm, psychosis or recent psychiatric hospitalizations likely need a higher level of care than what we can provide.  In these cases, we can provide an evaluation/consultation back to your primary care physician but will not be able to see you on a long-term basis as the practice is not equipped to adequately care for these more complex situations.