** PLEASE NOTE:  We are no longer taking long-term patients into the practice. Rather, we can offer consultations where we meet with you 1-2 times to assess symptoms, consider various treatment options and coordinate with another provider of your choosing (often a primary care provider or therapist) for ongoing care.**   

Mindful Wellness Maui operates out of two locations:  Wailuku (Mondays, Fridays) and Kihei (Saturdays). Please see below for maps and other details.

For current patients, the most efficient way to reach us is via the Patient Portal, which we check regularly.

New patients are able to make appointments by registering through the Appointments and Patient Portal button to the right (or bottom of page). Please visit the Initial Appointment page for more information on how to register and what to expect.

Our office phone number is (808) 740-8425.  Please allow up to 72 hours for return phone calls, as we are not in the office every day.