Initial Appointment

** PLEASE NOTE:  The practices in Wailuku and Kihei closed as of August 3, 2018. Dr. Gladding has accepted a job at the VA in Hilo, where she will help build a mindfulness program, and will be moving there soon.

Please check back with us in the next few months to see if Dr. Gladding will be available for consultations (not ongoing care) where we would  meet via secure video conferencing 1-2 times to assess symptoms, consider various treatment options and coordinate with another provider of your choosing (often a primary care provider or therapist) for ongoing care.

Existing patients: Please use the portal (available through 9/15/18) or call us at 808-740-8425 with any questions, medication refill requests, medical record requests or assistance in transferring to a new provider**


What to Expect

The initial appointment is a consultation to see how we can best help you.

If you are working with your Primary Care Provider and want a second opinion or help with a specific question, we will complete an assessment and send recommendations back to your provider.

If you are wanting to work with us longer term (as an ongoing patient), we will assess whether our practice is a good fit for you and your goals given that we are a part-time practice currently.

During this first appointment, we will review the intake paperwork, discuss your concerns/symptoms, assess lifestyle, nutrition, sources of stress and enjoyment, relationships/supports and more to get a sense of what is working well and what your goals are.

To Make An Appointment:

Please click on the Appointments & Patient Portal link (here) or to the right/bottom of this page.  If possible, use GOOGLE CHROME as your browser.  Please begin by registering as a new patient:

registration page

Once you are registered, you can log in and choose an appointment. Begin by going to the Appointments Tab:

appointment tab

Then select Consult/Referral as the reason for visit (for new patients or anyone wanting a 60 minute appointment):

consult appt

You should be able to make an appointment directly from that page.  Please check the office location when making the appointment as we are located in Kihei on Saturdays and Wailuku on Mondays and Fridays

Forms/Checking In Before Appointment:

You can CHECK IN for your appointment right away, which will allow you to review your demographics and sign the electronic forms, thus saving time in the appointment. From the Homepage of your Portal, click “See More.”

check in 1

Then choose “Check In Online.”

Check In

You will be brought to a demographics page.  Please fill this out and then go to Page 2 called “Sign Practice Forms.” Here you can sign the electronic forms allowing us to bill insurance and acknowledging you reviewed the Privacy Practices.

checkin forms

Please bring your insurance card, ID and form of payment for any co-pays to the appointment.

Please also download and fill out the following forms located in your Patient Portal (click on My Health and then Medical Forms):

  • Office Policies/Patient Agreement
  • Intake Form

Signing Forms Online

You can review our Privacy Practices on the Portal as well (without printing them). This document is located in Medical Forms under “Notice of Privacy Practices (Read only)”. You can also visit the Forms section of our website.