Initial Appointment

What to Expect

The initial appointment is a consultation only.  If you are working with your Primary Care Provider, we will complete an assessment and recommendations will be sent back to your provider.  If you are wanting to work with us longer term, we will assess whether our practice is a good fit for you and your goals given that we are a part-time practice currently.  Please note that this initial meeting is not a guarantee that you will be enrolled as a patient in the practice.

During this first appointment, we will review the intake paperwork, discuss your lifestyle, nutrition, sources of stress and enjoyment, relationships/supports and more to get a sense of what is working well and what you would like to change in your life.

NOTE:  The practice does not open until JANUARY 2018. The link to appointments will not be active until closer to that time. If you want to talk with Dr. Gladding sooner than January, please call the office number at 808-740-8425.